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English: For Gifted and Talented Children

Our sessions always include visual prompts with support and encouragement to plan, draft and evaluate writing and analyze challenging texts. Most of the focus on the English sessions is on creative writing.  


Some of the reasons for creative writing are summarized below:

Imagination Boost: - A lot of people think that creative writing is frivolous, because it is all about imagining worlds. However, when you engage in creative writing you are ‘Thinking Outside of the Box’. This allows you to refocus your energy and to become better at solving problems and discovering alternatives. 

Better Understanding of the Mechanics of Reading and Writing: - As you begin to regularly write, you will not only gain extensive vocabulary, you will also come to understand the mechanics of reading and writing better. This skill then allows you to bend the rules and use your own voice, to make what you are writing compelling, without coming across as amateur or dull.

Building Confidence: - Creative writing allows you to truly develop your own voice, without limitations

Thought Clarification: - Creative writing allows you to clarify your thoughts, as well as your emotions. It can help you to uncover what you think about topics or situations.

Artistic Self Expression: – When writing creatively, you are engaging in self-expression, which can be a healthy way to navigate through negative emotion.


See How Our Sessions Look By Age Group

Creative English Age 5-7 


The principal focus of our Creative English course for 5-7 year olds is to ensure that students develop their understanding and enjoyment of stories, poetry, plays and non-fiction, through learning to justify their views about what they have read. Students should be able to write down their ideas with a reasonable degree of accuracy and with good sentence punctuation. The course will teach them to enhance the effectiveness of what they write as well as increasing their competence. Focus will be on building on what they have learnt, particularly in terms of the range of their writing and the more varied grammar, vocabulary and narrative structures from which they can draw to express their ideas. 


Creative English Age 8-11 


The principal focus of our Creative English  course for 8-11 year olds  is to ensure that students are encouraged to enjoy and understand language, especially vocabulary, to support their reading and writing. Pupils’ knowledge of language, gained from stories, plays, poetry, non-fiction and textbooks, will support their increasing fluency as readers, their facility as writers, and their comprehension. This course aims to enhance the effectiveness of their writing as well as their competence. Students will be taught how to reflect their understanding of the audience for and purpose of their writing by selecting appropriate vocabulary and grammar. Additionally, they will be encouraged to consciously control sentence structure in their writing and understand why sentences are constructed as they are. Students will be introduced to nuances in vocabulary choice and age-appropriate, academic vocabulary. This involves consolidation, practice and discussion of language. This course is super preparation for the challenging Key Stage 3 English Curriculum.

Creative English Age 12-16

The focus of our Creative English course for 12-16 year old is to encourage students to read increasingly challenging material independently. They will be guided to understand increasingly challenging texts through:  learning new vocabulary, relating it explicitly to known vocabulary and understanding, making inferences and referring to evidence in the text  knowing the purpose, audience for and context of the writing and drawing on this knowledge to support comprehension.  The Course will encourage students to write accurately, fluently, effectively and at length for pleasure and information through:  writing for a wide range of purposes and audiences, applying their growing knowledge of vocabulary, grammar and text structure to their writing and selecting the appropriate form. 

Additionally, students will have the opportunity to practice  speaking confidently and effectively, including through:  using Standard English confidently in a range of formal and informal contexts, including online classroom discussion,  giving short speeches and presentations, expressing their own ideas and keeping to the point  participating in formal debates and structured discussions, summarizing and/or building on what has been said in order to discuss language use and meaning, using role, intonation, tone, volume, mood, silence, stillness and action to add impact.

English  Challenges

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