Taster Virtual Challenge session for every student

We understand that you might want your child to try out a session to see if it is the right fit for them before you commit to a course, so we offer a free taster session for all students. Alternatively we 

offer a 30 minute 1:1 assessment of your child to determine which class is the ideal one for them to join. 

We offer live sessions as below: ( please note, we are opening classes as demand arises. If you cannot see the class you are interested in on our  booking page, please either drop a message in our chat box or email optimumchallenge@gmail.com

We will be glad to help you with your enquiry.   


Session Schedule


3.45pm (GST) English  Ages 5-7

4.45pm(GST) Maths  Ages 5-7

3.45pm (UK) English  Ages 5-7

4.30pm (UK) English Ages 5-7


4.45pm(GST) Maths   Ages 8-11

3.00pm (UK) English Ages 8-11   4.30pm (UK) Debate Ages 8-11


4.15pm (GST) English Ages 8-11


3.45pm (GST) Debate Ages 5-7   4.40pm(GST) Maths Ages 8-11