Growing Up - Gifted or Not

Life is a journey, there will be good times and bad times; twists and turns; happy and sad times; mountains to climb and new lands to explore. But no matter where you are on the journey, life continues on. As we grow up or grow old, it might help to remember these seven points:

Creativity takes practice.

If you want to keep your creative muscle pumped and active, you have to practice it on your own. As a society, we praise and value creativity, and yet seem to do as much as we can to control creative expression.

Most people are scared of using their imagination.

They don’t feel they are “creative.”

They like things “just the way they are and have forgotten thier inner child"

Spontaneity is the sister of creativity.

If all you do is follow the exact same routine every day, you will never leave yourself open to moments of sudden discovery. Take risks.

“Success” is a relative term.

Success to one person could mean the opposite for someone else.

Define your own Success.

Your purpose is to be YOU.

You are your own creator. You are your own evolving masterpiece.

Growing up is the realization that you are both the sculpture and the sculptor, the painter and the portrait. Paint yourself however you wish.

Your potential is directly correlated to how well you know yourself.

Those who don’t know themselves, and avoid the hard work of looking inward, lack the ability to create for themselves their own future.

You are a reflection of the 5 people you spend the most time with.

This isn’t a game you play by yourself. Work to be surrounded by those you wish to be like, and in time, you too will carry the very things you admire in them.

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