Supporting a Gifted Student in these challenging times

Over the past few challenging months, I have learnt a great deal about myself and, more importantly,

about the conditions which teachers and children now find themselves adapting to. The effective education

of the children in our schools is continuing, but in a very transient manner. Schools and year groups are constantly being asked to self isolate, Year groups are being told to stay home and uncertainty abounds.

How can we best support our Gifted children to allow them to grow and flourish, to question and learn?

Enabling Gifted students to work together is a crucial part in their development. Sadly at the moment,with class bubbles, this is a challenging task. This is where the idea of Optimum Challenge was born. Students can meet virtually in a safe environment and challenge themselves and their peers. Parents have an integral role in supporting their gifted children. I often get asked by parents, how they can challenge their children. My response in these times is to look at your own expertise. What skills do you use in your home or workplace? Even if your children are competent readers, spend time reading with them and to them. The rich discussions you have will frequently amaze you. Parents who challenge their children at home, question them and make time to discuss topics of interest will be pleasantly surprised at how much they and their child benefit. I hope you are interested for your child to enroll in one of our Gifted programmes and remember to ask them all about their experience, the session is only the start of that rich learning experience.

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