• We follow the British Curriculum, which is one of the most well regarded curricula in international  education. The focus on Depth and Breadth matches Optimum Challenge’s goal in  challenging Gifted students.

  • Sessions designed by an expert. The program is designed by Helen Green, who has been involved in Gifted and Talented Education for over 20 years. She understands the importance of questioning and allowing children to explore their understanding of a topic. The sessions are not designed to impart masses of new knowledge, rather to explore what is already known and question it to enable deep thinking.

  • Tutor screening and training. All tutors are qualified teachers who have been DBS checked and have impeccable standards.

  • Homework is usually a follow up of whatever has been taught in the lesson. This is then brought to the following lesson for discussion. We do not set lengthy worksheet tasks, rather tasks that require thought and build upon what has been covered in the weekly session. Students are encouraged to complete homework, however, there is no pressure to do this, if they do not wish.

  • Learning with more able children All young people – regardless of their background, context, attainment levels or any other labels they may acquire – can benefit from and deserve to have their specific needs catered for. We must ensure that more able  learners experience high-quality challenge and support to develop their abilities. Optimum Challenge sessions encourage these students to challenge each other, thus raising the bar ( A rising tide lifts all ships). This has a contagious effect and students develop a sense of healthy competition, as well as developing friendships with students from other schools and even countries. 


  • Convenient session timings, we have sessions available X days a week at multiple times. Weekday classes run from {insert time range} and we also have classes available from {insert time range} on weekends.


  • Booking sessions and managing your plans is super easy. Select a package and set recurring bookings each week, all payments and package management is done from inside the platform in a few clicks.


  • Parental Support We pride ourselves on our partnership with parents and welcome your input and feedback. We will always endeavour to ensure we are offering the right programme for each specific child in each specific subject and welcome your support in helping us to achieve this aim.